Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fairy Tales

Five Vintage Children's
 Fairy Tales Illustrations!!

Please enjoy these images as much
as I enjoyed posting them for you!

Vintage "The King And I" Paper Dolls

Another Vintage Paper Doll Set!!
From the movie:
"The King And I"

What a lovely movie!!
Another favorite of mine--
who could ever forget Deborah Kerr's 
gorgeous dress as she waltzed
with the King "Yul Brynner"!

Paper dolls courtsey of Dover Clip Art

As I mentioned in the last post--
Go sign up today for your
 free Dover Clip Art Sampler!

Free Vintage Audrey Hepburn Paper Doll

                                                                   A Beautiful
Audrey Hepburn
Paper Doll

How she does bring back nostalgic memories!

Remember "Funny Face"!
I believe Audrey starred with
Fred Astaire in this movie!

And who could forget
Cary Grant and Audrey in
 "Roman Holiday"!

And of course,
my favorite since childhood!
My Fair Lady!

Take these images to make
 this beautiful paper doll
to give  the little girl in
your life a nice little present!!
She will be very happy
you made a beautiful Audrey
paper doll just for her! 
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They have a wonderful sampler
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More Free Vintage Gypsy Photographs


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Vintage Children's Clip Art

Please Enjoy!!


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I feel as if I have known you all
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 such a coincidence that
 we have so much in common.
Through what we share,
our lives have been
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 I thank you from the
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I hope you can use the
cute vintage clip art I have posted
 in your art work!!