Thursday, March 11, 2010

Can't wait to see this Movie!!

 Alice In Wonderland

I love the characters in this
 movie and the digital effects are fabulous!!
All of Tim Burton's movies are my favorites!
The Night Before Christmas, Willy Wonka,
 and Edward Scisoorhands are
but a few of his great films!  
I have a feeling that this one will top
 every film he has ever made!

 Isn't she the perfect "Alice"!
I love her delicate chiffon dress!
 It's has such feminine details and the color
is  a light heather-gray and not the traditional blue! 
 It's a nice change!

This dress is absolutely exquisite!
This bright color of blue is
my favorite and is lovely with the
 black lace details on the bottom of the dress.!
The vintage gloves really give the
character of Alice a nostalgic appeal!

Another wonderful design! 
The details of the black trim and subtle stripes
in the material of this dress really
give it that  "Vintage Vogue" appeal! 
I wonder who designed these gorgeous confections!?!
The details of the set behind her are amazing!

One wild looking rabbit! 
 I don't think I would want to have tea with him!

But doesn't he look so sweet here?

The catapillar--spooky--but really "cool"!

O. K.,  I really don't want to have tea with him!!

Mad?  Yes, definately!
But off-the-charts-gorgeous  in real life!!
Right ladies!!

The Scottish plaid skirt adds a nice touch to the movie!
 I read somewhere  that Tim Butron wanted the 
movie to have that historical "Old World" appeal, 
adding costumes with a vintage feel for that
time period when the book was first writtten! 

Fabulous White Queen!

Tweedledum  and Tweedledee
They look like they just stepped out of the book!

The Red Queen!
Very Formidable!

I will let you know all about the movie 
 after I take my girls to see it this weekend!
I know it's going to be great!
My youngest son wants to go see it too! 
 Might as well make it a family event!
Can't Wait!

Have a great "Alice In Wonderland" Day!
Don't forget to stop and have a cup of tea!

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