Friday, September 9, 2011

Gyspy Dreams Blog Party!

Welcome To My Gypsy Party!!!
I'm so glad you are here!
Do you have Gypsy Dreams?

 Do you have a bit of  Gypsy in your Soul?

If you answered YES!!!! then  you 've come to the right place!
But...before the party can begin, you must pick a gypsy name
 from my list and take it for your own!

      1. Esmeralda
2. Florica
   3. Jofranka
 4. Laludja
     5. Luminitsa
6. Mirela
7. Nadya
       8. Shofranka
   9. Talaitha
 10.  Voilca

***Each gypsy had three names:

The first was a secret name whispered into the baby's ear
shortly after birth and again when the child reached puberty
but never spoken aloud at any other time and never told
to anyone else.


The second was a gypsy name used between gypsies only.

The third was a local name, usually chosen
to reflect the general names being given to
non-gypsies in the country where the gypsy resided.
This was the name the gypsy was
 to use publicly for unofficial documents.

Follow me...come this way please!
Let's wander down this winding path,
 and around the bend and up a little
 steep bank and back down again! 

  See hidden beyond those tress? 
See the little house on wheels, painted bright red and gold?
 Let's go knock on the tiny door and see if anyone is at home! 

Let's gather around the Red Caravan, and talk of journeys long gone by.
our gypsy souls content to travel  down those old vagabond roads!

Let me introduce you to some of
my old some of my old gypsy friends!
(means "Alive")

means "God will add another Son"

(means "Love")

(means "Seeker of  Knowledge")
(means" Light of Dawn")

We'll going to have a day filled with mystery and magic galore!
Everyone will join right in, from the youngest the very old!

We'll dance and sing,
and  have our fortunes told! 
We'll learn a few gypsy spells,
and listen to old gypsy tales!

Right about the time of dusk, 
we'll build a merry fire,
and drink our cheerful wine.

We'll look up into the starry sky
  and watch that age-old moon rise,

Content within our gypsy souls,
we'll drift off to sleep and dream of the open road!

Sisters...let's get ready to party!!

We're on our merry way! 
We'll visit every festive caravan   
we see and join the fun  this Gypsy Party Day!

Sisters...let's stop here first to see Sweet Gypsy Rose!

 First,  drink a cup of tea with me
 and let's see if  I can read your tea leaves?

***What are the Symbols when Reading  Tea leaves?

BABY - small worries
BUTTERFLY - fickleness
CHAIN -  a wedding
CLOUDS - trouble;
COMB - an enemy
CUP - reward
EGG - good omen
HORSESHOE - good luck
JEWELS - gifts
LEAF - new life
MASK - excitement
MOUSE - theft
OAK - health, long life
OWL - gossip
PIG - greed
ROSE - popularity
SHEEP - good fortune
SHELL - good news

Szath Mary
 is teaching her famous spells!
Let's go  learn a few for ourselves!

Do you need to:

•Attract love
•Keep your job
•Be offered a new job or promotion
•Have more money
•Be successful
•Protect you and your love ones
•Save a marriage
•Attract abundance
•All over wellness
•Enjoy Dream travel
•Finding your soul mate

Art Work By kym Decker

Next, let's have our fortune told!
Did you know that Gypsies are prized for their
remarkable psychic abilities and the gift to attract good fortune!

The cards you picked  are 
 showing  much good fortune and happiness for you!

 Gypsies are born with such gifts,
but what makes their powers so innate is
their relationship with nature. Their bond with the
spirits of the outdoors allows their gifts to evolve naturally.

Art Work by Kym Decker

Free image courtesy of:
 Flickr Absolutely Free Vintage Images Group

Madame Alexander says you  have a extremely long life line! 
She sees  plenty of good fortune in your finances and your 
 love life is very solid and true!  She also says that your  future is
filled with more happiness than you can imagine!  

Now it is time!
Sisters, gather around,
lets form a circle and hold hands to
 symbolize the eternal circle of the moon,
 thus bonding  our friendship to also  
 symbolize  all of us together  as one!! 

Day is ending and night will be here soon!
Sisters, let's  sing the song of the
The Moon Blessing !

Art work by Kym Decker

 A Gypsy Greeting For the New Moon

Here is the New Moon!!
  The New Moon has arrived.
Be lucky for me now.
You've found me penniless.
Leave me rich and prosperous.
Leave us with money.
Leave us with good health.
Leave us with love.


We have come to the end of the
 party and must say goodbye!

But...before you leave...
I have a special surprise to share with you!
   I received these images in my newsletter
of  the Dover  Free Clip Art Sampler!
 Use these beautiful images  to create 
 a Whimsical  piece of Gypsy Art
 to keep close to your Gypsy Heart~~ 

 Thank you so much for visiting my site today
 and have a very grand Gypsy Dreams Party Day!! 


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    Have a magical day.

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    frith and wishes
    J. x

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    Lula Pomme

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